Thursday, May 30, 2019

Love in Poetry Essay -- Robert Burns Carol Ann Duffy Love Poems Essays

Love in PoetryThe course of true passionateness never did run smoothly, (WilliamShakespeare.) How far do you presuppose the three poems you permit readconform to this view?Throughout history love has been a favou reddish theme with many poets intheir writing. Carol Ann Duffy, (born 1958) tackles the issue of lovein her poem Valentine, as does Percy Bysshe Shelly (1792-1822) inthe poem Loves Philosophy, and finally Robert Burns (1759-1796)considers the topic in A Red Red Rose. As different poetsthroughout history control written about the topic it is not surprisingthat all three contain different and contrasting messages andviewpoints. It is decease that with the passage of time, views havebecome more pessimistic or some may say realistic. However, poemswritten in the eighteenth century still have relevance today.A Red Red Rose by Robert Burns portrays a very positive image oflove. Firstly, Burns compares love to a red, red rose. This isa traditional object linked with the theme of love and through thiscomparison it is assailable Burns is praising love. Burns describes therose as red, red. This a bright, vibrant, sensual colour commonlyassociated when extolling love and appealing to the visual senses. Burns also compares love to the melodie, thats sweetly played intune. This vivid translation appeals to the readers auditorysenses. The fact that Burns implies love appeals to several differentsenses demonstrates that he feels love is a powerful influence thatcan be experienced by all.In the poem love is portrayed as a unifying force. Images of the sea,the seas gang dry my dear give the poem a natural element. Thisemphasises that love is universal to all. The image of the rocks,t... characteristics of love but Valentinedoes address these issues more forcefully and in greater depth. CarolAnn Duffy wrote her poem nearly two hundred years after Burns and Shelley. This means that a negative opinion of love would have been moreaccepted in society. Duffy may also have experienced a particularlypainful relationship that may have ended on bad terms. My personalfavourite out of the poems is Valentine as I feel it does show a verytrue side of love but achieves this in an original and exciting way. In connection with Shakespeares statement, it is clear that Duffymost definitely agrees with it while Burn is in no doubt that thecourse of true love does run smoothly. Shelley, however, does notagree or take issue with the statement and I would personally agree thatin some case love does run smoothly while in other relationships itdoes not.

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