Friday, September 27, 2019

Communication Etiquette in the workplace PowerPoint Presentation

Communication Etiquette in the workplace - PowerPoint Presentation Example With all methods of statistics being invented day and night, none is able to sufficiently estimate the value of courtesy. Words like; thank you, you are welcome, feel at home, it is my pleasure, I am humbled, that is kind of you, please, may I, you are amazing, how about if we consider this other method, and so on are forms of etiquette that ensure that people relate well with others. Keywords: communication etiquette, working environment; courtesy Introduction With new advents in technology, human beings may end up adopting machine-like responses that do not bring out the real person behind the words spoken. This growing trend in etiquette depreciation in the society has prompted some organizations to address the issues of concern by conductive training seminars on the art of good communication. The challenge that faces most organizations is the fact that organizations accommodate all generations of workers, bringing creative enthusiasm and positive energy along with creative ideas. Suffice it to say that even with all these, a conducive work environment in which everyone mind about the other person in thought word and deed is of utmost importance. Communication Etiquette at Work Places Moral courage is the most important ingredient of communication etiquette. ... Words are better emphasized in the style in which we say them; therefore, sometimes it is not always what we say alone that matters, but, how we say it (Cox and Hall, 2004). In other words, cultivating right tones helps to put across even the harshest words in a manner that recipients can take understandably without diluting the core message itself. Word like; excuse me, thank you, have a good day, how may I help you, thank you for calling, good luck, etc. do not cost much. They should be used to express your appreciation of someone, something, or a commendable job. In addition to this, being courteous does not limit one to only positive expressions. As human beings, we occasionally do not agree with our friends or partners. Using words like I am sorry, I beg to differ, can we considered these options, I am sorry but, may I kindly oppose that idea on the ground that, would you please elaborate your point on that matter, have we considered this and that, and so on are just but example s. As observed, words and phrases like may, would, please, kindly, pardon me, my apologies, could you, if you please, do you mind, and others, go a long way to help us establish interpersonal relationships healthy for a vibrant work place. Communication etiquette prevents workplace conflicts. Conflict can easily arise in a work place given that, most workplaces are characterized by pressure, either from within the working environment or from a different environment. Whichever way, there is need to manage conflicts arising in workplace due to lack of workplace etiquette or courtesy. It is important to take a personal initiative to learn to always think before speaking. This helps a great deal.

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