Friday, June 7, 2019

Alcoholic Anonymous Essay Example for Free

alcoholic Anonymous EssayWhat I learned from Alcoholic Anonymous is that AA is meant for plenty who promise that they will never take in again and they drink again anyways. Its singleness purpose identifies that soakers work best with other strongs and the only difference from the 12 step fellowships out there is the first part of the first step and the mid(prenominal)dle part of the twelfth step. What I am powerless over and who we ladder the message too? Many alcoholics in AA raise their hands introducing themselves as alcoholics, but never knew what it meant. In the Speakers meeting the groups felt really connected with the loudspeaker, and gave him their full-undivided attention. The groups concentrate solely on the speaker and no one else, it was mainly white, black, and Hispanic men and women of all different ages starting from their early twenties up to their mid fifties. Around thirty people attended on October 21st at eight oclock. The meeting was very humorous the speaker knew how to relate to the AA members by bringing his personal life experiences with alcohol to distribute his indication on the importance of sobriety.The speaker knew how to make the environment funny, happy, and out loss. The speaker often referred to the Big give-and-take specifying the hopeless condition and header of the body. The first step is understanding the hassle, the solution, and the program of action to bring back the solution. The main reason the speaker joined AA was because he could not imagine not drinking at all. The Big Book states that unless identification takes place then little or nothing can be accomplished. For the speaker the first step is the key in following through all the other steps.The question the speaker raised was what does it mean to be an alcoholic? He mentioned that one happens when he drinks it and the other happens when he does not drink it. Other than that he had a pretty good way of handling alcohol. The speaker always knew w hen to state his jokes. He described alcoholism as a physical allergy coupled with a mental obsession. The phenomenon the he craves when he wants a drink never occurs in the average drinker. This triggered a phenomenon craving to desire alcohol. An allergy meant that it was an abnormal physical reaction and the manifestation always showed up.The body of an alcoholic is quite abnormal as its mind. He got to AA not knowing how to explain his behaviors, and why he kept promising that he was not going to drink anymore and does it again repeatedly. The speaker always stated that he never knew the reason why he did it, his only reason was that he just did. Alcohol triggered a craving bigger than him that he couldnt overcome. Men and women drink because they like the effect produced by alcohol. The thaumaturgist was so illusive for him that the quantities and qualities started to move around.The sensation he received from alcohol was so strong that he could not differentiate the truth fro m the false. Today looked a whole lot like yesterday and yesterday looked a whole lot like last week and it seemed that he was doing just seemly to get by. The speaker viewed his alcoholic life as the only normal one. His observations to the way he reacts to alcohol wouldnt mean him anything if he didnt take the first drink. The alcohol craving is in his mind rather than in his body. His physical allergy to alcohol is not his biggest problem his biggest problem is that he gets restless, irritable, and discontented.All his problem happen to him when he is sober, and his main problem was that he could not stop starting because his problems will not go away when he stops drinking. He couldnt choose whether he was going to drink or not. He related to the audience that he loved pawned shops because it was a pure equation to him. He could walk in with a deer rifle and walk out with the money. He never had a pawnbroker ask him what is he going to do with the money. His only problem was t hat he did not confess a lot of stuff so he had to pawn things that did not belong to him. This created hard feelings around his family.He was poorly treated as a child that he finally ran away at the age of 47, and never went back. I learned that alcoholics make awesome plans but their plans work right up to where they dont work anymore. The speaker tried to pull some kind of scam that would get everything out of the pawnshop. He pulled an insurance scam and had enough money to get everything out but had to stop for one drink and he was blackout for five days and only remembers 30 seconds of it. He muddled the power of choice and control. His life was becoming unmanageable and his first step was to admit he could not manage drinking.

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