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Clarity System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Clarity System - Essay ExampleThe clarity kit and caboodle in a very interesting way it generates quotations, verifies, compute all the orders, delivery notes, invoices on the PDF, word and even pass formats. Quotations are ordinarily worked forbidden at jaw-dropping speed using powerful computation wizards which is compatible to almost all business sectors. Faraday & Howard (2003)The function of the Excel spreadsheet in the systems clarity space is a hotly mooted debate. Undeniably the unfettered use of spreadsheets in a financial setting creates significant risks. The spreadsheet constitutes an infinite flexibility which is strength as good a weakness. Altered changes and calculation errors that are not authentic can easily undermine the integrity of a spreadsheet budget and the entire consolidated process. The harnessing of bigger characteristics of Excel enhances organisations to leverage the high investment that is already made in the spreadsheet bound processes. Gerald A.M (2006)Clarity advances the precepts by deploying the look and feel of excel. The excel/web interface enhances the quickening and incorporation of clarity system which reduces training cost because the templates and reports can look like any other spreadsheet. It simplifies deployment of the application since users can access the system via a browser which is already on their desktop. The advantage of using web/excel as the basic user interface is that its a universal language that has been corporate and used in most organisations. Gerald A.M (2006)Single Centralised Data ModelThe CPM programs are normally defined as closed loop process, where determining functionality from strategical objectives and long term plans are integrated operational budgets that are monitored, evaluated and reported against absolute results. For a dynamic environment like that one for a look company, it is advisable that breeding is shared across the board by the most crucial functionalities and proce dures so that there is no replication of data and integrity of information is guaranteed. The structural information such as cost centre account or product group should be consistent whenever observed in the CPM functional suite. However, clarity system supports this capability through a single centralized data model. Gregory Wilberforce (2005)This is in marked contrast to other suppliers that frequently have to stage metadata in complex systems architectures in order to establish consistency across the CPM solution. Inefficiencies such as these impose unwelcome complexity and inevitably invite higher costs of maintenance. Unified Solution Clarity system enhances multi-user functions many users can integrate with the system through a web based interface, whereas all CPM applications can be accessed through easy-to-use menu system. The modules and templates are also controlled and relayed to the central system.The clarity system offers solutions that address all Corporate Performance Management applications. Single instances of clarity is normally used for budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, score carding, consolidations, profitability analysis, sales analysis among many more functions.Open Architecture Clarity systems supports online analytical processing (OLAP) and in conjunction with relative databases like Essbase and Oracle clarity leverages the investments that users have already

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