Saturday, June 15, 2019

Business communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Business communication - Essay ExampleI did research on print media, television, outdoor billboards, conferences and web page advertisements.I found out that television has the advantage of high concentration information and attracts high attention from viewers hence being one of the best media for orbit many people. I also realized that Product launch conferences were also appealing to high-end customers who want to get firsthand information about the product immediately from manufacturers at the first instance of the products availability.Magazine as an avenue for print media was also appealing to the audience especially those that that have specific tastes in real customized magazines. Placing adverts in such magazines enhances its appeal to people. This whole exercise took me about one week to gather and present in a coherent manner.Initially, I pattern the area I was assigned to research on was quite wide for one person. I had this opinion especially having in mind the whole field of advertisement and the different considerations one has to make before placing a given product to a given medium. This, however, changed after I had realized I was not to cover social media and outdoor advertisement. I also realized that other members were also assigned areas that were even wider than what I was allocated and that required much to research on.In fact, the task took me less effort and time than I anticipated because with the help of other group members. I learned that teamwork is better and that a task may appear difficult only before being started. Also, I got to learn more about the different types of media advertisements, their applicability, and advantages. By the end of the group task, I was internal in presentation tactics as a skill that I will be able to apply in official work when employed. prone another chance, I would still prefer to work with these group members. I realized the group had a challenge of lacking the needed concentration at the i nitial stages. This

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