Monday, June 17, 2019

Organizational Behavior - How a successful Iranian based company like Research Paper

Organizational Behavior - How a successful Iranian based company like Hirbodan is surviving in tough times of sanctions against Iran - Research Paper ExampleResearch will be taken to identify the measures taken by Hirbodan Company to succeed in spite of the difficult position in the country (Griffin et al, 54).Hirbodan has an organization pattern that is well structured. The board of Directors are always at the top, middle level management, and then demean management (Griffin et al, 70). Due to this organizational structure, decision fashioning and coordination of members within the organization is facilitated. Hirbodan Company mainly encourages its employees by using the theory Y used in management. The theory enables the employees to show commitment to the set goals and accept their responsibilities (Griffin et al, 75).International community especially the U.S has imposed sanctions on Iranian making the economy to suffer greatly (Owens et al, 92). Sanction imposed on the govern ment of president Ahmedinejhad, include ban on Iranian oil, which is the backbone of Iranian economy. This affected several industries Hirbodan included. To worsen the situation President Amedinajhads plan on reforms on subsidy of 2010 removed subsidies on electricity and water affected industries (Griffin et al, 54).Iranian currency depreciated much making the cost of living rise and inflation skyrocketed (Colquitt et al, 128). The cost of running of a company turned high due to high cost of importing bare-assed materials. The effects on Iran are adverse that companies are hoping for the best to have an enabling environment for investment. Hirbodan Rose against all odds and wage the storm, due to its difficult foundation and the expertise offered by the founding professional (Colquitt et al, 253). It coordinated with companies in Engineering, procurement& construction to have its operations tabuside Iran.According to the research that was carried out in the company, the chairper son of the Hirbodan Company explained that the success of the company was mainly based on the definitive strategies and logical solutions to the firm problems (Owens

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